triptych cover.jpg

Triptych; Music Based on The Play by Albert Andrew García

by Daniel de Jesús

Music was written by Daniel de Jesús based on themes written for the play and adapted to solo cello works. 

Triptych began as a work of prose by A.A.Garcia, this piece is divided into three parts and depicts the fall of Adam and Eve. 

Surface Blood - Devil

Synapse - Adam

Sempervirens - EVE

Surface Blood examines the cycle of choices made by the Devil in the creation of malice. This conversation is experienced in three voices. The voice of the devil and the voices of the two angels that guard him.

Synapse explores Adam as he descends slowly into his madness. A madness that is caused by the inability to control his lineage and how will, in turn, be remembered. 

Sempervirens finds Eve as she receives all of the knowledge of the world at once, sending her not into madness but clarity. 

All three parts deal with the idea of taking familiar stories and retelling them as a form of reincarnation. 

In the 2016 production at Dixon place, the piece was presented as an experimental dance/movement work, with original music by Daniel De Jesus. 

In this production “God” was represented by water, using large-scale projections of water, and physically having water on the stage and the actors

This project is a part of a series of work that retells secular stories as a form of reincarnation.


All songs written and performed by Daniel de Jesús

mixed and mastered by Robbie Simmons

text by A.A. García